Video Poker

Poker has been a favourite of casino fans for decades, if not centuries, and that popularity has carried over to online casinos too. Quick to get into, rewarding and exciting, poker is popular with casino newcomers and veteran gamblers alike.

Video poker is an even easier way to get started with poker. Similar to the regular game, but simpler to play, intuitive and designed with themes, graphics and sounds in place, video poker is a key part of any modern online casino.

To get started, check out our list of recommended casinos below, then keep scrolling to read our tips and tricks, to find out how to play and to get more poker resources.

Top Online Video Poker Casinos

Guide to Online Video Poker

There are two main types of video poker that you’ll find online – Regular and Multi-Hand. Multi-Hand poker allows players to bet on more than one hand of cards at a time, increasing the speed of the game and increasing your chances to win, while Regular features just one hand, like the real-world game.

Whichever style you play, there are some basic poker rules you’ll need to understand:

Credit Values – Video poker players bet with credits that can be assigned a value of their choosing, letting you bet as high or low as you choose.

Placing Bets – With a credit value in mind, players then can choose how many credits to bet on each hand that they play.

Dealing – Once you click the ‘deal’ button, you’ll be dealt a hand of cards. You can then choose to return some of those cards to the deck, as you would in a game of 5-card stud, and you’ll be dealt replacement cards.

Winning Hands – Each game will have slightly different accepted winning hands, so make sure you check the game’s rules before you start. But, if the cards now in your hand match a winning combination, you’re in luck!

Bonus Rounds – Some online casinos offer bonus rounds after a game of video poker, sometimes giving you the chance to double down and wager your winnings on one final hand or mini-game.

Advantages of Online Play

Video poker is similar to regular poker, but with many advantages that come from being online. Not only is the game simplified, making it easier to pick up and more relaxing to play after a long day at work, but it can be rewarding too.

Here are just some of the benefits that online play can offer:

Generous Pay Tables – Pay tables, or the amount that a game pays out for certain results, can be very generous for video poker games. This, when leveraged by an experienced and skilled player, can lead to great successes online. 

Bonus Rounds – Some online casinos provide bonus rounds for players after a round of video poker. Sometimes these bonuses take the form of ‘double your money’ wagers on a single card or on one hand of poker, and can lead to big jackpot prizes. 

Leveling – Used by some casinos to incentivise regular gamers, leveling systems provide unlockable access to premium games, new pay levels and other bonuses. Not all casinos offer this, so look around if you’re interested in adding a little more fun to your poker experience.

Minimum Payouts – Video poker games operated by some casinos make use of so-called ‘minimum paying hands’ – a certain winning hand which is guaranteed to pay out at least a certain amount. These hands can vary from casino to casino, so check the rules carefully before you start a game. 

Hold and Auto-Hold – A benefit of playing a computerised version of poker, players can sometimes get help from the game itself. Games which offer ‘hold’ options can provide recommendations about which cards should be retained or returned at the deal stage. 

Video Poker Tips And Tricks

Video poker is a simple game to understand, but there are still plenty of tricks you can use to give yourself the upper hand:

  1. Make use of Wild Cards – these cards can stand in for any other card to help you complete a winning hand, so keep an eye out for them to help you win more games
  2. Start small – if you’re only not starting out playing video poker, keep your credit values low and bid small amounts on each hand. This will save you from making costly mistakes while you’re still learning the ropes
  3. Read the rules – each casino has its own rules, and every video poker game is different. Check the small print to find winning hands and potential bonuses
  4. Choose a casino – there are hundreds of online casinos to choose from, some of which we’ve recommended at the top of this page. Find one with payment options you like, with a good reputation, and a good selection of games to keep you interested
  5. Community – some online casinos allow you to set up user profiles and chat with other gamers. Take the chance to get to know your fellow gamers, share tips and tricks, and make friends online.

Get Started

Video poker is enormously popular, and with good reason. Fun, simple, and rewarding, it offers players the chance to relax and unwind while playing fantastic themed games online, all from the comfort of their own homes.

To get started playing video poker for yourself, check out our list of online Malaysian casinos at the top of this page.