Play Online Roulette

One of the most popular casino games out there with an exciting mix of luck, strategy, thrills and rewards, roulette is one of the first games that many online gamblers try out.

A classic game played around the world in both online and in brick-and-mortar casinos, roulette has been popular for centuries with sharply dressed men and women sipping cocktails and betting it all. Today roulette is available to play online wherever you are, with casinos online in Malaysia offering the standard game and its different varieties directly to you via your computer or phone.

On this page, the team at Online Casinos Malaysia have assembled our top tips, guides, reviews and advice about playing roulette online. Take a look at the list below to check out our most-recommended games, then keep scrolling to pick up some tips to help you win big.

Recommended Sites for Roulette Online

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How to Play Online Roulette

It might be a classic game on the casino scene but the rules of roulette are simple to understand, making it a great game for beginners to pick up.

The game of roulette takes place on a table with a small spinning wheel set in. At the start of the game, players place their bets on where a small ball will stop when placed inside the spinning wheel – guess right and you’ve won.

Players can bet on individual numbers, the colour red or black, evens or odd numbers, high or low, and columns, dozens or up to six numbers at a time. Your potential winnings depend on the likelihood of your chosen bet – betting on one of two colours will net you 1:1 odds, while picking one of the 36 available numbers pays out considerably better.

This table shows you the odds and wins chances of every possible play in roulette:

[odds table]

Learn The Rules

One of the big benefits of online roulette is how simple the rules are and how quickly new players can learn the ropes.

The flow of the game is pretty simple – all players place their bets on the table, laying chips on their chosen numbers, the croupier (the casino employee running the game) then spins the roulette wheel and drops the ball in. Once the wheel has stopped the winning number will be called, bets and winnings returned, and a new game will begin.

The only thing that players need to remember is the odds table – as shown above – and the bets available to them.

Bets in roulette are divided into ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ bets. Inside refers to the innermost space on the betting table where individual numbers are located – it’s here that players can place bets on up to six numbers. Outside bets cover everything else available – columns, colours, dozens, evens/odds and high/low bets.

Online Roulette Variations

There are three main types of roulette game that you’ll encounter online – each equally popular and played by millions of people around the world. Check out descriptions of the games below and try each one out for yourself – you might find that you prefer one over the others.

European: European Roulette wheels have numbers 1-36 divided between red and black, and also features a green 0. This one green number means that bets on red-black aren’t perfect 50:50 odds, but players can bet directly on 0 if they choose.

American: American Roulette wheels are the same as European ones but with an added green 00 spot. This added number gives the house a slightly better edge due to the odds of a red or black number being called.

French: The odds and the wheel layout are the same in French Roulette as in the European game but the layout of the table is slightly changed, as is the way that bets are represented on the table.

Online Roulette Top Tips

  • Avoid American Roulette – Because American Roulette wheels feature an extra 00 spot, players are slightly less likely to win. Avoid these games if you’re playing for money or are new to the game.
  • You Can’t Beat The System – Many people have tried to find ways to beat the odds (and the house) at roulette tables, but in truth, it can’t be done. The house will always have a slight edge, so keep that in mind when picking your bets.
  • Go Mobile – Most Malaysian online casinos will offer a mobile website or a downloadable app to let you access their roulette games on the move.
  • Look For Bonuses – Many casinos will offer frequent no deposit bonuses, both as sign-up bonuses and as rewards for regulars. Keep an eye out for these as well as bet-match bonuses and other prizes and they can make a big difference to your wallet.
  • Playing for Fun No matter how much you learn and practice, the odds are slightly against you coming out on top after a long period of playing roulette. Don’t always play to win real money – enjoy the game, play for fun and you’ll be much better off.
  • Start Small – When you first start out, place only small bets. It will take you a while to get used to the game, to learn all of the odds options and to feel confident in your bets. You can always increase your wagers once you’ve got a few games under your belt.
  • The Martingale System – One of the most common strategies for Roulette players – this strategy says that players should double their wager following a loss. No matter how long your losing streak lasts, the law of averages says that you should eventually win and you’ll win back all of your previous losses.
  • Trustworthy Casinos – Make sure you only use online casinos that you trust. Use one of our recommended casinos or games listed at the top of this page, and properly vet any business that you give your bank account information to.

Roulette Glossary

Like most casino games, roulette comes with its own set of jargon. Familiarise yourself with the list below to give yourself the edge on the table:

  • Backtrack – The outer rim of the roulette wheel
  • Black Bet – When a player bets on black
  • Bottom Track – The inner area of a roulette wheel
  • Chameleon Strategy – Copying the behaviour of a player on a winning streak
  • Corner Bet – Betting on four numbers by placing chips between them
  • Croupier – The casino employee working the roulette wheel
  • Payout – The final winnings taken by a player at the end of the game
  • Red Bet – When players bet on the winning number being red
  • Split Bet – When a player bets on two numbers
  • Straight Bet – When a player bets on just one number.
  • Street Bet – A bet placed on three numbers.
  • Visual Wheel Tracking – The ability of some players to tell where the ball will land in the roulette wheel before it stops spinning
  • Wheel Head – The part of the wheel where the ball comes to rest
  • Wheel Roller – The croupier