Online Casino Reviews

At Online Casinos Malaysia, we help gamers across the country to find the right casino and online game for them. Sifting through hundreds of sites and playtesting thousands of casino games, we recommend only the best and provide tips and advice to both new and veteran gamblers.

On this page, we’re taking a look at some of the best casinos available online to players in Malaysia and looking at what criteria we judge casinos on.

To get started finding the casino that’s right for you, check out the list below of the top online Malaysian casinos:

[Casino list]

Every one of the casinos above has been picked by our expert team – chosen for its quality games, good customer service and reputation, and its suitability for gambling in Malaysia.

We’re always adding to the list and reviewing which casinos make the cut, making sure that our readers always have access to the very best online gambling sites.

Our Top 5 New Online Casinos

These casinos are the best new online casinos launched in recent months, tested and played with by our review team. New casinos are appearing all the time, each with new games, bonuses and themes – so here we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest news.

Take a look at the list below to try out a new casino site:


Sports Betting Online Casinos

Sports betting is one of the most exciting sides of online gambling – nothing beats the thrill of a winning bet on your favourite team.

The list below includes some of our favourite sports betting casinos, the sites with integrated sports betting with live odds and a good selection of games to choose from:


Our Reviewing Criteria

Reviewing and recommending a casino isn’t as simple as just playing a few games to see whether the site works – we have a whole range of criteria by which we judge the casinos.

From secure payment methods and excellent customer service, to a good variety of games and rewarding bonuses for players, the criteria we use have been chosen to make sure that we recommend only the very best sites to our readers.

Here are just some of the things that we look out for when testing a new casino site:

Security: When a website holds your bank details, personal information, and stores deposited money from you, you need to know that it is safe and secure. We routinely check casinos to make sure that their websites are secure and that their owners have a reputation for quality data security and customer safety. We’ll never recommend a site that doesn’t meet these standards.

For Malaysia: Malaysian gambling laws prevent players from using casinos in Malaysia, but there are many online casinos around the world that welcome Malaysian players and allow them to use their banking facilities. All of our reviewers explore whether an online casino is welcoming to Malaysian players, and we always make sure that the sites we recommend are suitable for our readers.

Bonuses: Promotions, jackpots, and bonuses make up a large part of the reward and excitement of online gambling, so we make sure that the sites we recommend offer them generously. We check every site to see whether they regularly run promotions and reward their players and let you know here on our site what you can expect from them when you play.

Customer Service: Even on the most secure of websites, things still sometimes go wrong. From website bugs to delayed payments, mistakes happen, but the important aspect is how quickly a casino’s staff can respond to a problem. We check every casino to make sure that their customer support is up to scratch, making sure that they’re able to quickly solve any problems you might have.

Game Quality: The quality and variety of games are hugely important to players, so we check that every casino listed on this site offers a wide range of great games for you to play. We check that many game types are covered, including a wide selection of card games and traditional casino games, as well as looking for sports betting, tournaments, and lottery games.

Banking: Not only do casinos need to be secure to be trusted with your money, but players are looking for them to offer a wide range of banking and payment methods as well. We look for casinos that accept deposits and withdrawals in many different currencies, using the most popular banks and payment services in Malaysia and throughout the world. 

Finding The Right Casino For You

Here at Online Casinos Malaysia, we work hard to put together lists of the best casinos available in your country, testing and reviewing hundreds of games and sites.

But even with our carefully compiled lists, it’s up to you, the player, to decide which is the right casino for you and which site you should game with real money.

Here are just a few things that you should be looking out for when looking for a new casino site to game on:

The Games: An obvious primary consideration – does the site have games you want to play? Look for a variety of games, not just one that you like. Even if you love playing Video Poker, you may get bored if you just play on the same game over and over, so check out sites that offer multiple versions and themes of Video Poker. Look at reviews of the game and the game’s developer too, just to make sure that they’re trustworthy and that other players have found the game both exciting and rewarding.

Promotions: Bonuses and promotions can provide a big boost to your casino wallet and add to the thrill of gambling. Before you settle on a casino, take a look through its website to see what sort of promotions they regularly run. You can often find reviews and guides to casino bonuses online too, so have a search to see what other players are saying before you hand over your money.

Mobile Play: If you’re a gamer who likes to play on the move, do a little research into your chosen casino to check whether they offer either a mobile website or a downloadable app. Most do, but if a casino only works on a desktop computer you’ll want to know before you deposit your cash.

Banking: Everyone has their own banking method that they trust, so make sure that your casino will accept deposits and withdrawals in the method of your choice. Check to see which currencies they work in too – many casinos are based outside of Malaysia in countries all over the world, so their accepted currencies can vary.

Support: Hopefully you’ll never need to use a casino’s customer support services, but it’s always best to check their quality before you sign up and start playing. Take a look to see whether they’re active on social media sites, and consider sending them an email to see whether you get a prompt and helpful response.