No Deposit Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are a fantastic way for new players to get started with Malaysia’s online casinos. Offering free money simply for holding an account, these bonuses give players risk-free cash to spend on games of their choice, providing a stepping-stone between free games and paid gambling online games.

Many casinos offer no-deposit bonuses, though they vary in cash amounts and have stipulations applied to the money. Whichever casino you choose, however, the bonus money is a great kick-start for any gambler.

This page will explain everything you need to know about no-deposit bonuses, including how and where to find them and how exactly they can help you online.

Take a look at the list below to find a casino and get playing:

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Where to Find No-Deposit Bonuses

Not every online casino available in Malaysia offers no-deposit bonuses and their availability can be limited.

To find a casino offering these lucrative rewards, first, check our list on all reviews page, or otherwise search through the websites of your favourite casinos. Many have lists of their ongoing promotions which may display when a bonus is available.

These types of bonuses that offer money to players for free are not as common as other types of bonuses. Sometimes the amount of cash on offer can be quite low, but it’s definitely worth looking all the same. Any amount of free cash in your casino wallet can help you make the most out of online gaming.

Benefits of No-Deposit Bonuses for Players

No-deposit bonuses are highly sought after by regular casino-goers, offering free money to bet and spend on their favourite games. If that wasn’t reason enough to look for one, here are some other benefits of these great bonuses:

  • Easy to use – unlike some other bonuses, no-deposit bonuses have very few T+Cs attached, and little limits about how and when they are used.
  • Sample new games – because you aren’t betting with your own money, instead, you’re using the free money gifted to you by the casino, you can treat games as free-plays while using your bonus money.
  • Real money – money gained from no-deposit bonuses acts like real money deposited by you on the casino website, meaning you can spend it on any games or tickets you want.
  • Free money – by opening accounts with multiple casinos that offer these bonuses, you can get free money from many different casinos, offering you lots of ‘free’ gambling fun.

No Deposit v.s. Free Play Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses may seem like a great deal – after all, who doesn’t like free money? But is there a need for them when many casinos already offer free play?

The main difference between the two is that games won with money earned through no-deposit bonuses will return real money to a player, money which can be spent again or withdrawn to a bank account.

Free games, by comparison, will not pay out any real money for a player to spend. Because of this, no-deposit bonuses offer a fantastic stepping-stone for players who are used to playing free-play games. Without risking any of your own money, you can move from a casino’s selection of free games over to their real paid games to get a taste of the real casino experience.

Get Started

Offering free money to new and veteran players, no-deposit bonuses give you a great way to try out new games, to sample casinos that you may not have visited before, and to gamble risk-free online.

To get started, check out the list of casinos at the top of this page to find sites selected by the Online Casinos Malaysia team.


Am I limited to which games I can play with this bonus?

Usually, no. No-deposit bonuses act like a regular deposit into your account. This means that the money is yours to spend as you wish; playing games, buying tickets, and using the casino just as you normally would. 

How much ‘free money’ will I get?

This varies from casino to casino. Some bonuses are very generous in conjunction with celebrating events or milestones, while others may be enough to cover just a small number of low-value bets.

Am I allowed multiple accounts to take advantage of this?

Probably not, no. Most casinos will have stipulations in their Terms and Conditions to say that a player can only hold one account. If the casino finds out that you have opened multiple accounts to take advantage of a ‘free money’ offer, they may have the rights to close your account.

When do casinos offer these bonuses?

Each casino will offer these bonuses at different times. Some use no-deposit bonuses as a reward for veteran players, some run promotions at particular times of year, and some only offer these bonuses to new players.