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Here at Online Casinos Malaysia, we want to help you find the perfect online gambling game – the one you’ll enjoy time and time again and the one that will bring you the biggest rewards.

On this page, we’ve gathered a list of the main types of casino games that you’ll find online, from slot machines and card games to roulette and poker. We’ve also put together strategy tips and gaming advice, as well as tutorials and guides to help you get started.

Take a look through this page to find in-depth advice about all of the types of games that you’ll find on casino sites, read our recommendations and decide for yourself which is the right game for you.

There’s a whole world of online casino games for you to enjoy – just click on any of the games below to get started:

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Card Games

Card games have been played around the world for centuries, from family games to international tournaments. Today, you can enjoy all the fun and thrill of the most famous card games from the comfort of your own home with gaming online and compete for the top prizes.

The most popular online card games include:

  • Poker: A casino classic, poker has been online for many years now and provides a quick and rewarding way to get into online gambling. From online tournaments for big-money prizes to casual games and even thrilling multi-hand games, your options are limitless. There are many variations of poker for you to choose from too, including Texas Hold’em and Seven-card Stud, so you’ll never run out of ways to enjoy your favourite game.
  • Blackjack: Also known as 21, blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world, played in casinos worldwide by millions. With the simple but classic aim of reaching 21 without going bust, blackjack provides a quick and easy way to get into online card games and can also be extremely rewarding.
  • Baccarat: It’s you vs. the banker in the classic game of baccarat. Comparing your hand to the Bank’s, players compete for top prizes in this online game enjoyed in real-life casinos worldwide. Several variations of baccarat exist for you to play online, including Punto Banco and Baccarat chemin-de-fer, giving you many ways to enjoy this timeless game.


Online Casinos Malaysia features many slot game reviews, showcasing the enormous variety that this online game format can bring to players. From varied themes and exciting bonuses to variations in jackpots, game modes, and payouts, online slot games bring a perfect balance of excitement and reward.

  • Classic Slots: Take a chance on this classic game – three reels, up to five pay lines, and the chance to win big. These games are great favourites with players online and in casinos around the world, offering a simple and quick way to gamble right away with no complex rules but all of the thrills.
  • Progressive Games: Progressive slots are the big-money cousins of the classic slot machine format. Linked together with other games, each player’s money is added to a casino-wide jackpot, and every game adds more and more to the potential winnings. Get lucky and you could win a life-changing jackpot prize.
  • Video Slots: The modern approach to a classic game, video slots provide all the benefits and fun of standard slots but with added bonuses, free spins, multipliers and video graphics.

Online Roulette

The classic casino game, loved by millions of gambling fans around the world, roulette is a game of luck, strategy, big prizes and thrilling gameplay.

As players place their bets on single numbers, ranges of numbers, or the colours red or black, a ball is released into a spinning wheel – wherever the ball stops determines the prizes you could win.

An online game of roulette is fast, giving you the chance to pack even more excitement and potential prizes into your limited gambling time.

Dice Games

Unwind and de-stress with these fast, fun and strategy-free games of chance. These online dice games require no stress or planning, giving you access to fast and worry-free fun with the added bonus of some fantastic prizes.

  • Sic Bo: An ancient Chinese game, Sic Bo is a game of chance played with three dice in which gamblers place bets on the numbers shown or the sum of the numbers rolled. The game is popular in casinos throughout Asia, but there are several variations of sic bo available to play online too, including Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck.
  • Craps: Another game involving bets placed on the outcome of dice rolls, craps is popular around the world in casinos, online and in casual settings.

Online Video Poker

Based on traditional five-card poker, video poker is a great way for players new to the game to get their feet wet and be in with a chance of winning big.

Players place their bets before the cards are dealt, and are then given the chance of exchanging cards in their hand with ones from the deck. If their final hand matches one of Poker’s winning hands, they can walk away with some big jackpot prizes.

Live Casino Games

Live casino games have been developed by casinos to bring some of the social element of gambling back into online gaming.

Combining the thrill of betting and winning with the added bonus of a live dealer speaking via webcam, live casino games are brilliant for both beginners looking for tips and seasoned gamblers who want to chat while they play.

The live dealers hosting these games are the same ones you’ll find in real casinos around the world, providing a real-world feel to your favourite online casino games.

Number Games

Similar to lottery games, online number games allow players to place their bets on the drawing of random numbers. Enjoyable, easy to understand and quick to get into, these games are perfect for new gamblers and for people looking to relax and unwind after a hard day at work.

Keno: A popular game in many countries, keno requires players to place their bets on which random number will be drawn next and prizes are paid out depending on how many numbers they correctly guessed.

Bingo: The classic number game, bingo sees players checking off random numbers on a pre-selected sheet to match up lines and full-houses in order to win.

Online Scratch Cards

Every online scratch card is different, with varying themes, bonuses, rewards and features, but they’re all thrilling and potentially rewarding.

Practically every Malaysian online casino will offer a range of scratch cards for players to choose from, giving you endless ways to enjoy this fun and stress-free style of gaming.

Mobile Online Casinos

Almost every online casino in Malaysia is available on mobile, and most make their full selection of games available to mobile players.

As long as you have access to specific gambling apps or can access their casino website, you’ll be able to play the games that you love on the move and at home via your phone, tablet, or other devices.

Getting Started

Whichever game you choose, there’s thrills, excitement and the potential for big-money prizes out there waiting for you.

From traditional games like craps and roulette to modern mobile and video gambling games, there’s an online casino game out there to suit everyone.

Keep exploring the Online Casinos Malaysia website to find out more about the range of games on offer.