Online Craps

Craps is a classic casino game played by millions online and in casinos around the world. You probably recognise it from films and television, or from the cheering crowds huddled around tables at casinos you’ve visited – it’s a game of luck, skill, thrills, and rewards.

Here, we’ll show you the online craps games that we recommend, give you the Online Casinos Malaysia team’s tips and tricks to help you get started, and some advice on picking the best craps game for you.

Our Recommended Craps Games

Check out our list of recommended online craps games – played and tested by our team to guarantee you the best online experience.

Reasons To Play Online Craps

Craps is enormously popular with gaming fans around the world, both in traditional casinos and online. Here are just some of the reasons why it gained such a huge fanbase over the years:

Excitement: Craps is fast-paced, thrilling and rewarding. Winning streaks, big bets, and the luck of the dice make craps one of the most exciting games to play in any casino.

The Best Odds: Some of the available bets in craps give players the best possible winning chance against the house of any casino game, making it a must for people looking to win big.

Online Bonuses: Not only does craps offer some of the best winning chances of any casino game, but online casinos also offer many great bonuses and reward packages – keep an eye out for these to boost your wallet balance.

Mobile Gaming: In the past, craps fans have been restricted to gaming in real casinos, which can be hard to come by in some countries. Thanks to mobile devices and the internet, you can now game and gamble wherever you are at any time.

Live Games: Craps is one of the many games that some online casinos offer a ‘live’ service for. This means you can chat with real players around the world and interact with a real-life dealer via video chat while you play for an authentic casino experience.

Guide: How to Play Craps Online

The popularity of craps is due in part to the thrills and excitement brought about by the flow of the game, the strategy involved and the luck of the players. The game is simple to understand, players can pick it up easily and start enjoying themselves quickly.

Here’s our guide to the rules and strategy behind online craps:

Craps is a game with multiple players betting at once. One player – called the ‘shooter’ – rolls two dice on the table and all the other players bet on what the outcome of the roll will be.

Before the first roll of the dice, players can bet on the Pass Line – a sum of 7 or 11 – or the Don’t Pass Bar – a sum of 2, 3 or 12. If the shooter rolls any number other than those, that number becomes known as the ‘point’.

After the first roll, players are free to bet on other odds, to bet on certain sums and rolls of the dice. If the shooter rolls a 7 all bets are collected and a new player becomes the shooter, but if they roll the point sum all players are paid their pass line bet and the game resets with the shooter rolling again.

A good strategy and a solid understanding of the rules are key to having a successful game of craps. The best bet on the table is usually the Pass Line bet, and newer players should always keep a copy of an odds sheet open while they play to help them.

Because craps offers some of the bets with the lowest house edge in the casino, it’s usually recommended for new players to stick to making those ‘safer’ bets. Smaller bets too can prevent any big losses or costly mistakes while you’re still getting used to the game.

Glossary: Craps Terms

Like all casino games, craps has its own terminology and lingo, and learning the language is a big step towards you understanding the game and being successful.

Shooter – The player currently rolling the dice. In an online game with just one player, the dice may be automatically rolled.

Come-out roll – A shooter’s first roll of the dice

Craps – A roll of the dice that equals 2, 3 or 12

Hard Way – A roll of the dice where both numbers are the same, something players can bet on

Hot Dice/Hot Table – A winning streak

Craps Odds

Learning the odds and knowing which is the smart bet to make on any particular roll is a key part of winning a game of craps. Each possible bet on a game of craps offers the house a slightly different edge – that is, a better chance of the house beating the players. That edge is important to consider when placing your bets.

Familiarise yourself with the table of odds below to give yourself the edge at the table:

[odds table]

As you can see from the table above, some possible bets are definitively ‘worse’ than others. There are several bets which give the house a much higher edge over players, and newer players would do well to avoid these until they’re 100% comfortable with the rules of the game.

Winning Real Money Online

If you’ve learned the rules and memorised the odds, it’s time to pick an online casino and start playing. Take a look at our list of recommended casinos and online craps tables at the top of this page to get started, or explore your own favourite casino’s website to see if they have any craps games you can play.

Keep an eye out for bonus rewards and casino sign-up bonuses, as these can be a big boost to your initial wallet and help to kick off a winning streak. Many casinos also offer bonuses to veteran players, including deposit matching, rewarding long-term experienced craps players.

There are hundreds of possible online craps games out there for you to play, enjoy and win big on, so take your time and find the right game for you.