The Best Casino Bonuses

Jackpot prizes, in-game rewards and membership bonuses are fantastic ways of both boosting your winnings and injecting a little more excitement into each game.

Every online casino available in Malaysia offers different bonuses, rewarding new and veteran players alike. From sign-up bonuses and deposit matching payments to free spins and bonus rounds in certain games, casinos regularly reward players with extra games and additional funds.

To help you make the most of these valuable bonuses, and to help you get a little more enjoyment out of the games you love, we’ve catalogued some of the best bonuses around and posted them on this page. Check out our list below to find a casino, game and bonus that suits you, then click the link to start playing.

Scroll further down to read our list of all the possible available bonus types, giving you a clue about what to look out for. We’ve also included tips to help you search for bonuses yourself, a handy bonus calculator and advice for hitting bonus requirements.

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The Best Online Casino Bonuses

Available Online Bonuses

Every online casino that you visit will offer different bonuses. Some like to reward new players signing up with additional funds, some offer bonus games for regulars while others provide additional bonus games to high-performing gamers.

To help you find the right casino for you, we’ll outline all the commonly available types of bonuses online for you here. Read through this list and then search your favourite casino to see whether they offer the type of bonus that you’re interested in.

Sign-Up Bonuses: Most online casinos offer some form of sign-up or welcome bonus for new players. Typically, these bonuses take the form of either free games or spins, or deposit matching for a player’s first deposit into their account. There is usually an upper limit on the deposit amount that will be matched, but these bonuses can provide a nice boost for new players to help you get started with your favourite games.

No Deposit Bonuses: Sometimes these bonuses are awarded when new players sign up for accounts, sometimes they apply after a certain period of inactivity, and other times they are simply given away at a casino’s discretion. Simply put, a no-deposit bonus is where a casino gives players money in their account without any action or prior deposit needed – literally money for nothing.

Deposit Matching Bonuses: Perhaps the most common type of bonus or reward, a deposit match is where a casino will match a player’s cash deposit. These will almost always have an upper limit set by the casino, but it can mean doubling your money for free before you’ve even started playing.

Free Spins and Bets: Many casinos hand out free bets and free spins on their machines to regular players. Sometimes they’re offered as prizes in other games, to tempt players to try out new games, and other times they are tied-in to something else, like a sporting event.

Referral Rewards: Some casinos pay bonuses to players who recommend new users. Sometimes making use of referral codes or links that your friends can use when they register for an account can pay off big. These bonuses will often give the referrer a free deposit or free spins as a reward.

Casino Loyalty Points: A reward for long-term players and players who are active in the casino regularly, loyalty points can often be used to unlock additional bonuses, perks like priority withdrawals and deposits, and can sometimes be traded in for cash, free spins or game tickets.

In-Game Prizes: Some games include bonus rounds, jackpot prizes and score multipliers, open for skilled and lucky players to win. You’ll be able to find details about the availability of these bonuses in the game’s rules before you start to play.

Tournaments: Casino tournaments can be a great way to earn additional bonuses and prizes not normally available through regular games. With skill, and a little luck, you’ll be able to get access to some very high cash prizes – so start practising and then throw your hat in the ring when you’re ready.

Casino Bonus Calculator

Working out which casino is right for you, and which games and sites offer you the best bonuses can be tricky. To help you out, we’ve put together an online casino bonus calculator.

Take a look at it below to work out which bonus suits you best:

How To Earn Bonuses Online

Most casinos will offer at least one type of bonus to its players, but not every player is automatically eligible to make use of one.

From spending requirements to activity monitors, casinos use several tools to help them determine who can claim a bonus or reward. One of the most common limits for earning a bonus is a wagering requirement – a minimum amount that a player must wager in total before they can cash out their bonus money.

In practice, if a bonus’s wager requirement were 10x for example, a $100 bet would mean that a player needs to wager $1,000 dollars in total before they can cash out that money. It may seem restrictive, but these limits are in place to prevent players from earning free money and immediately cashing that out – a casino isn’t a bank, after all.

Common wagering requirements are between 25x and 40x, meaning a player must wager between 25 and 40 times the bonus amount before they can cash out. The player doesn’t need to win or lose that amount, just wager it on bets.


How do I find out about a casino’s bonuses?

Many casinos use an inbox system on their websites, alerting players to upcoming bonuses and promotions. Often, you can also sign up for email alerts that let you know when you’re eligible for a prize.

Are there cash limits on bonuses?

Most bonuses will have limits on them – deposit matching only up to a certain amount, for example. 

Can mobile players earn bonuses?

Absolutely. If you’re using a casino’s app or their website on a mobile device you should be able to earn and use rewards and bonuses just as you would on any computer.

Can bonus money be immediately withdrawn?

Usually not, no. Most cash bonuses will have wagering requirements attached, as discussed above. This is to prevent players from opening new accounts for the bonus money and immediately taking the money without playing any games.

Do casinos reward players who play more often?

Sometimes, yes. Usually known as VIP Clubs or Loyalty Point Clubs, they reward players with points for every hour or every game played, and the points can be used to access VIP areas of the website.